Justin Tarrant in Love Court with Isle of Shoals Productions Inc.


"Yeargain has a real Clark Kent/Superman thing going on, and not just physically. Though, incidentally, I should probably mention that he does look exactly like Clark Kent and/or Superman, physically speaking, and this does not hurt the show’s sex appeal.

The role of his wife is played by Jennifer Teska...she and Yeargain suffer from a loveless marriage, which they express so truthfully together in “Scene from a Marriage” that I felt every inch of that aching frustration along with them...Teska and Yeargain pull down every veneer, and force us to witness something difficult and true – which is something truly difficult to do."

Edward Rutledge in 1776 with The Palisades Players

"Edward Rutledge, then the youngest member of the Continental Congress, who went on to be governor of South Carolina (and was wonderfully played by Kasey Yeargain), is an elegant, drawling, Mephistophelean character"

El Gallo in The Fantasticks with Clay and Wattles Theater

"Kasey Yeargain as El Gallo is masterful in his sensual portrayal of the dark con artist who arranges an abduction to make the son seem like a hero to the young girl. His solo performance of “Try to Remember” had the audience awe-struck."

Magaldi in Evita with Broward Stage Door


"The evening is enhanced with the strong voices of Kasey Yeargain’s ne’er-do-well rake Magaldi." - Bill Hirschman - Florida Theater on Stage

Captain Paul Georges Duval in The New Moon with Lyric Stage

"While delivering fun with the comic romance...and a masterpiece of love song interruptus deliciously delivered by Marianne’s other suitor, Georges (Kasey Yeargain)." - Nancy Churnin - The Dallas Morning News

"Kasey Yeargain has fun with the role of tall, dark and awkward George Duval, the uptight ship captain who can’t muster the courage to propose to Marianne in a slapstick turn with Deaton in “An Interrupted Love Song.”" - Martha Heimberg - Theater Jones

Jud Fry in Oklahoma! with Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

“Dark and difficult, Jud Fry is often merely menacing; instead, Yeargain gave us a lonely and disturbed man who excites sympathy as well as fear. The dynamic of this triangle is determined by whether or not Laurey’s need to be rescued is real or not—and for that, we need the ballet.” - News OK - Anna Holloway

“The oddest casting is Kasey Yeargain as Jud Fry. Yeargain’s model-level handsomeness and boyish bangs do not foretell his basso profundo. With the production’s heavy amplification, one wonders at first if that’s really Yeargain’s voice.” - Larry Laneer - The Oxford Comma

“Take Jud Fry, for example. We usually encounter a big burly guy whose gruff demeanor is predictable. But Baron cast a lanky Kasey Yeargain, a young actor who makes one rethink the character anew. Yeargain brings a powerful baritone to his characterization, one that soars when he launches into the impassioned “Lonely Room.”” - Rick Rogers - NewsOK


Curly McClain in Oklahoma! with Rose State Theatre

“Yeargain’s strong vocals were by far the show’s musical highlight, carrying such tunes as “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” and the titular “Oklahoma!”.” - 15th Street News - Christian Tabak




Miles Gloriosus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum with Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre

“Kasey Yeargain as the captain Miles Gloriosus was glorious as he pranced about the stage.  His deep baritone in “Bring Me My Bride” was a showstopper.” - News OK, The Friday Paper

“Kasey Yeargain as Miles Gloriosus, the strong and capable narcissist is equally endowed hidden talent.“ - News OK, Elizabeth Hurd

“Kasey Yeargain was humorously mock heroic as a military “legend in his own mind,”” - John Brandenburg