Ask The Opera Bro - Episode One

Every once in a while someone will stumble upon the numerous articles, blog posts, YouTube videos I've made and find them to be interesting enough to reach out to me. I recently received this email and I feel that it's content could prove of some value to YOU, the reader! 



...I'm sending you this email because I was really moved by your journey to becoming the best version of yourself and I was hoping I could ask you the following question: do you believe that 21 is too old to study opera?

...I want to sing. I HAVE to sing. But I wanted to know if studying classical music as a beginner at the age of 21 is totally and completely unheard of, if it was essentially impossible. Additionally, are there exercises that singers should avoid doing? I ask this because the Internet is rife with warnings about the dangers of strenuous, intense exercise for singers. But I want to sing, and I want to be fit, and I'm just not sure what to think.

You're probably tremendously busy as both a professional singer and fitness trainer, so I apologise for this wall of text, and understand if you don't find the time to read or respond to it. But if you did, any advice you have would be so, so appreciated and I would be so, so grateful."



"Hello ______,

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to me. I'm truly touched that my story meant enough to you for you to value my opinion.

Secondly, I don't think 21 is too old to begin studying opera.

Most professional opera singers don't even begin having their careers until they are in their early 30's. I personally didn't start singing until I was 18/19 years old and didn't even consider pursuing a singing career until I was 20 years old. If you truly have the desire, the passion, then the technique and ability to do it will blossom as you pour your heart and soul into the pursuit. I TRULY believe this. If you want it, it is yours to have. It's very very very possible, and with a passion and OBSESSION you will find your place in the business. You have plenty of time, don't let others journeys inform what yours will be. Time is on YOUR side.
As far as exercises go, I believe that good singing technique and good exercise technique will keep you healthy and strong in both areas. You can hurt yourself doing both if you go about it poorly. I train hard, lift very heavy weights, train my abs - all things that are frequently ill advised by most "experts" and I feel that my abilities as a singer only improve (this opinion is seconded by my teachers and professional advisors whose opinion I value to be painfully honest). Trust your voice teacher with your singing and study how to exercise with exquisite form and you will do well in both fields."

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Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain