The Tech Week Grind

Tech Week is a Grind

This past week has been a never ending stream of 13 hour days. That means 4 hours of rehearsal in the morning, three hours in the afternoon and 4 more to cap off the evening.

There are a LOT of pieces to the puzzle that is a full production. The actors, singers, dancers, and people in the pit are simply one part. There are costumes, lights, amplification, and dozens of individuals who make up a show. Many of which you might never know of. Everything leading up to tech week belongs to the actors and directors. BUT, tech week belongs to the people who make your set, lights, and costumes shine like diamonds.

At times the tech week grind can get gruesome. I've had some shows where tech feels like it never ends and you're unable to move past the first scene without the light board. Fortunately for this production of The Fantasticks, tech week has been immensely productive.

Tonight, Friday - June 17th, at 7:30 is opening NIGHT! I'm very excited to give this show to the audience. I can't wait to hear how they respond to this beautiful story.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Your Absolute Best Doing It.

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain