This Was Unexpected

I'm a week in here at Festival 56, and it's a jam and a half.

We've been working really hard on putting together The Fantasticks. I'm very proud of the work I was able to put in prior to coming to Princeton, but the one thing I couldn't anticipate was how physically demanding the role of El Gallo was.

When I saw the Off-Broadway Production in New York I knew the role required a lot of physical acting, and the man playing El Gallo had a lot of physical similarities to Jim Carrey - so the bar has been set high!!!

So, despite getting restless sleep and still putting in the hours in the gym, I've been doing my best to bring my absolute best to the physicality of El Gallo. I feel that it's going to be a dynamite product. But, make sure you stay tuned and keep watching The Vlogs to keep abreast of the Situation!!!

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Your Absolute Best Doing It.

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain