Post Concert Musings and Pre Gig Preparation!

Welcome to the very first blog post of my singing website! I've had lots of practicing typing up a storm on my fitness websites ( and but I had yet to type my thoughts on this - my virtual presentation of my singing resume!

I have two current thoughts that I feel compelled to discuss: My Concert Last Week and My Upcoming performances with Festival 56.


"That's When I Miss You."

While singing Magaldi in Evita with Broward Stage Door in Florida I found myself with ample amounts of time to practice and a hunger for some new repertoire. I had been given some new song suggestions by my coach in New York City and was singing up a storm. But my belief is that without a performance looming, songs practiced will never become "performance ready."

Knowing that I would have some time between gigs in my hometown of Oklahoma City, I set out to put together all of this new repertoire and perform a concert for the peeps at home.

Learning notes and rhythms is only part of the equation. Putting together a concert takes a LOT of work. You need a venue, you need a pianist, and you need butts in seats! At times I was so stressed and preoccupied putting together logistics that I had all but forgotten that I had to SING the show!

All that being said, the show was a huge success. I could not have been more pleased with the turnout and the response to the music and stories from that gorgeous crowd.


Walls, Dolls, Buses and Beaches.

Now that I've completed my concert I've got LOTS of really cool stories, music, and creativity to work on for the SUMMER!!! You can see the list of shows I'll be performing by going to my NEWS page on this website.

It's been a while since I've had to prepare this much repertoire all at once. And although it can be intimidating, it's a labor of LOVE! When I was in Human Anatomy they described learning a sizeable amount of information as "eating the elephant." They would say "the best way to do it is just one piece at a time." And although I failed that class HORRIBLY, the lessons learned have STUCK!

That being said, I'm WAY ahead of schedule. And I'm so excited about the rep I'm performing that I've gone full tilt. And I'm doing my best to take you guys along the journey! I'm putting together a YouTube series on preparing one of my favorite roles this summer: El Gallo in The Fantasticks!

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Your Best Doing It!

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain