The Music of The Fantasticks

It's almost unfathomable that Harvey Schmidt didn't know how to read and write music. The score to The Fantasticks is so intricate, dynamic, but presented in such a cleanly executed manner that you would assume that it was crafted in the halls of Julliard.

But that shows you music and sublime composition aren't just for those fortunate enough to learn how to connect dots on a page. But fortunate for us Harvey had help putting those dots on the page so that his music can be recreated for decades to come.

When people think of the music of The Fantasticks, the immortal tune "Try to Remember" comes to mind.

It's a piece that's transcended the musical stage and found itself into the cannon of standards to be performed by international artists. (For example: Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, Ed Ames, Andy Williams, Julie Andrews, etc.)

And although "Try to Remember" is a masterpiece, it's just one part of the beautiful soundscape of The Fantasticks. With the orchestration comprising a piano and a harp, you get two instruments that move in and out of multiple genre's and styles seamlessly. Classical, jazz, impressionism, Jewish, Latino. But all keeping within the world of fantasy and fable.

The music compliments the words so perfectly, never trying to reign superiority over the story itself. Something that (arguably) frequently occurred with the big musical comedies of the time. The big sweeping musical melodies being the draw rather than the context in which it's delivered.

Until Next Time,

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Kasey (Ol') Yeargain