LIFE in New York City

Shaking Hands, kissing babies, and making moves.

Life in New York City moves fast, and if you're going to make it you've got to hustle even faster. Carly and I each have multiple jobs and sometimes our jobs require us to commute. I'm very fortunate to have a handful of performing opportunities. But performances require rehearsals, and rehearsals require TIME!

These past few weeks I've been bouncing back and forth between New Jersey and Manhattan. I'm currently rehearsing for 1776 at The Palisades Players and I also have a church job in New Jersey. Carly works on the upper west side in the city and we bounce between Hudson heights and midtown. A tremendous amount of time is spent booking it from one location to another while making moves online when we find ourselves with an open minute.

Work. Work. Work.

But, Carly and I are finding the joy in everything and loving the "rise." We're not where we want to be financially, artistically, or set in our dream apartment yet. But, we've got each other. That's what's most important. That can't be earned or worked for, that's a gift from the universe and I'm grateful to receive it.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Your Absolute Best doing It.

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain