Too Many Things

Don't Create, Document.

There have been way too many life events, professional and otherwise that have just blown by over the past few weeks. I hate that I must begin this blog post with regret, but unfortunately the act of living the moment frequently overshadowed the documentation of said moments. This combined with my anal retentive means of documenting has stunted my ability to just SHARE! So, forgive me if the quality isn't always on par - I'm attempting to document, not necessarily create.


I have projects coming up. Specifically two readings of New Musicals and a few performances of an old "War Horse" musical.

On October 3rd I'll be performing Michael Finsbury in a reading of a musical adaption of the Robert Louise Stevenson Farce The Wrong Box composed by Kit Goldstein. We have two shows at the Opera America Center here in Manhattan!

On November 11th (my birthday!) I am performing Maximo in a reading of a new musical called "Ciao, Bambino" by Liz Turner.

And lastly (but not leastly) I am singing the role of Edward Rutledge in 1776 with The Palisades Players in Tenafly, New Jersey. I role that was championed by John Cullum, a vocal legend!

In between rehearsals I am constantly scrambling for auditions, scrambling for performance opportunities, submitting for anything and anyone who cares to look or listen. I average between 1-3 auditions per week, some big some small. All of them I give 110%.



Training has been consistent, I never miss a day. However, the training has become increasingly more difficult. It is tremendously difficult to progress your strength in the Squat and Deadlift when you are walking everywhere or are required to stand for hours on end. And with my Bench Press continuing to be my weakest lift, the big three are suffering.

However, I've recently changed up my training split to allow for me to develop in other ways since strength progression isn't coming in the manner I'd prefer. Before I was doing an Upper, Lower, Rest Split. Now, I've moved to a Push, Pull, Legs split. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you google it.

The results have proven positive thus far. I'm already seeing small improvements, which is difficult considering this is my third year of consistent training. Gainz don't come easy, yet they are coming.



Life is glorious. I'm in love, I'm healthy, and I'm living in the most magnificent city in the world. But, living in the city is hard. Everything here is expensive. It takes a long time to get anywhere. Everyone wants the same thing you want and they want it before you do. It's the biggest pool of talent in the world. Everyone is a big fish here. The small fish were eaten long ago...or, they lasted past all the other small fish. Avoided getting eaten, got stronger, ate as much kelp and micro animals they could hunt down. They grew from small little fish, to medium fish, to being a big, bad-ass fish. Their secret is simple: Survive. Work hard and survive.


Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Your Absolute Best Doing It.

Kasey (Ol') Yeargain